What’s the Easiest Way to Learn Spanish If You Can’t Make it to Spain? – Five Ideas to Try


Time and time again, research study after research study has pounded us over the head with the fact that the best way to learn language is to study abroad. Yes, indeed to be immersed in a language is the best and easiest way to learn it quickly, often out of necessity.

But, if you can’t go abroad, there are still many avenues you can take if your goal is to learn Spanish. Below are five of the easiest ways to learn Spanish if you can’t travel.

* Read Books

Go to the local library or your favorite bookstore, head to the children’s section, and pick out a bilingual or simple Spanish title. These books are full of pictures and written for little minds who are just starting to learn the mechanics of language, and will be a great help. With a basic understanding of Spanish grammar (also often shown in basic books) you will be able to read more advanced novels in no timeĀ Radio Spain.

*Listen To The Radio

These days almost every metropolitan area has at least one Spanish language radio station. Step outside your comfort zone and start listening. Often they will play Spanish versions of popular songs, among other things. Try and see how much you understand. If it’s not much in the beginning, don’t worry, your skills will improve. Listening to songs and picking out words you don’t know, however is an excellent way to improve vocabulary.

*Watch TV

Yes, those crazy Spanish Telenovelas are an excellent way to learn Spanish, and they are quite entertaining too. If those are something you need to work up to or are not interested in, you can always watch sports in Spanish, or even cartoons. You will be able to figure out what is going on just by watching, and putting the words and sentences together will come quickly.

*Make It A Group Effort

If the above methods seem too solitary, and you find yourself getting off track, enlist the help of your friends, and learn Spanish together. If none of your friends know how to speak Spanish, think of it as an extra adventure. Each time someone learns something, you practice it amongst yourselves, and build on those skills. If you have trouble getting started, find someone that is a fluent speaker who will sit in with your group. You will get to practice Spanish, and they will have to use their English.

*Pay Attention To What All Ready Know

One of the easiest ways to learn Spanish that I found personally is to pay attention to the world around you. It seems simple I know, but globalism really has made an impact, and the result in many areas of the US is bilingual billboards, bilingual instructions, bilingual consumer packaging and etc. Basically you name it, it comes in at least two languages. Step outside of your normal realm and use these new developments to your advantage.

Using the tools available to you in your immediate proximity is a great way to get started, but in order to gain optimal proficiency through audio or multimedia Spanish lessons, of any kind, you need the right tools.